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Rug rinsing and drying process at Rug Cleaner

Here at Rug Cleaner we have a whole variety of ways to get rugs wet and a whole variety of ways to get rugs dry – and dry superfast!  In fact rugs are typically dry in under an hour or two, with thicker rugs taking a short while longer.  Why is this important?  Well, firstly, being wet is bad for natural fibres and good for mould and spores (and therefore REALLY bad for our health), and bad for the longevity of the rugs themselves – I will be writing extensively on this issue in due course.

Anyway, back on topic. The dry process works in conjunction with the rinsing. We always pass unlimited fresh clean water through the rug until it runs completely clear of soil and cleaning residues. To do this we typically use either (or both) an internal vacuum drying process and / or a centrifugal spinning process.  For really big and thick rugs, that are too heavy or too large to go into the centrifuge when they are full of water, we use the vacuum drying system which pulls water from inside the rolled rug. The waste water runs through a sight glass so we know when the rug is completely clean and as dry as it can be.  For everything else that’s suitable we use the centrifuge.

Our centrifuge, built in Turkey, was the first of its kind here in the South West.  It spins at 1400 rpm, forcing all the water out through the layers of the rug.  We continue rinsing at the same time as we feed water into the machine through the centre of the carpet until we can see the waste water running clean, at which point we stop feeding water in and let the rug spin until it is virtually dry.  Rugs and carpets leave the machine typically dryer than clothes out of a washing machine.

This full rinsing is something you can only get with these methods and is very important for full cleaning but also the longevity of the rug.  When residues are left behind in carpets and rugs this leads to early re-soiling and wear, so it’s vitally important rugs and soft furnishings are rinsed and dried properly. This is also why we run an expensive Truckmount machine for the cleaning carpets in the home – it allows far more rinsing leaving carpets dryer, cleaner and residue free for far longer times between cleans over that of portable machines.

Once rugs are rinsed and the water removed, they are either hung or laid flat to dry completely in our large climate-controlled drying areas.

So now you know a tiny bit about our rinsing and drying process but do contact us if you have any queries on 01258 837092.