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Rug Repair

Specialist Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Rug Repair

Oriental and Persian Rug, Kilim and Tapestry repairs

All carpets and rugs are fully washed prior to and repair work undertaken and all repairs are carried out by hand, to avoid damage that will be caused by machine.  Getting the best wool to match some repairs is not that easy though we work with suppliers in Turkey and Iran to get the best match possible and we also blend wool and dyes to get the best match your rug.

Anything that needs an especially large or troublesome repair can be taken to Turkey, we work closely with the largest repairer of Antique carpets and rugs in Turkey and they have many full time employees that do nothing but repair rugs every day these are highly skilled artisans.

Fringes are the most common repair work needed. We can secure them to stop unravelling or we can do a full reweave to add fringing.

Selvage can also take a beating over time and if not repaired the damage can lead into the pile of the rug.  We can replace areas of selvage or re-bind it with new wool.

Moth damage has been on the rise in recent years. Many rugs will be on a cotton or silk foundation which is left by the moths, so a full re-weave is not necessary. We are able to dye wool to get the perfect match for replacing pile that has been eaten.

Larger holes and tears happen for a variety of reasons, whether simple wear, from a burn, or from mice or other animal damage.  We offer various solutions from simple and inexpensive conservation, to a full re-weave and re-pile of the damaged area.

Rug Repair Gallery

Some before and after images from a recent rug repair. Please call 01258 837092 to find out more about our rug repair and rug cleaning service in Dorset.

Professional Rug Repair in Dorset - Call 01258 837092