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Specialist Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Rug Cleaning

When you use Rug Cleaner, you can rest assured your rug is going to receive the best treatment available. Rug Cleaning Dorset and the South West.

We have a cutting-edge dusting machine, the first of its type in the UK for fully dusting rugs. No other system comes close to removing as much dry material from rugs.

In our wet room we operate a traditional rug washing service.  Once a rug has been tested and the correct solutions prescribed, it is submerged and hand cleaned using a soft Tampico brush or a soft rotary shampoo brush. Rugs are fully rinsed and the water extracted prior to drying.

We have one of the first centrifugal rinsing and drying systems in the UK. This centrifuge machine spins fresh water through the rug until completely clear of any soiling or residues, and then spun until almost all the moisture has been removed. There is no better or safer way of handling a rug, as faster drying times are much kinder to rugs, especially wool which if left wet can suffer from weakened fibres and premature breakage.

They are then hung on the drying rack or laid flat on the drying grid and blown with an air dryer to finish.

We have an inspection and repair room providing space to work on repairs and specialist stain removal of any residual staining after cleaning.

We also undertake specialist treatments, depending on your requirements.

Professional Rug Cleaning Dorset and the South West.

  • Moth Treatments prevent moths, carpet beetle and other insect pests damaging your rug
  • Scotchguarding to provide the very best stain-guard protection
  • Lanolin Conditioning replaces some of the lanolin in wool rugs lost through wear, washing and oxidation. The conditioning helps to nourish the wool and boost its natural resistance to spills and wear

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