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CUSTOM DYEING – Sheepskin rugs!

At Rug Cleaner we don’t just clean soft furnishings to the highest standard.

We can also custom dye rugs and soft furnishings to your specification. We just need a swatch of colour to work from, and providing the base colour of the item you want to dye can be turned into that colour, we can change the colour for you. We use tech that tells us what colours we need to add to a base colour, to make it a different colour, it’s simple but effective.

There are some perameters to take into account though. After all, we can’t turn a dark brown rug into a light pink or beige, or a bright blue to a black, but generally, with sheepskins of the lighter variety, there are infinate options for colour changes right across the spectrum.

For all your carpet and rug cleaning, repairing and dyeing projects call us on 01258 837092 today for free advice.