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Colour Correction Dorset

I like to do as much training as possible to keep abreast of new developments in the marketplace, and have travelled all over the UK, Europe and beyond working and training on various projects.  After all, you never stop learning!

It’s been nearly two years since I travelled to the USA to meet with Chris Howell – the world’s leading carpet and rug dyeing pioneer and instructor at Colorful Carpets LLC – and take his groundbreaking ‘Colorful Carpets’ training course (his American spelling of ‘colourful’, not mine I assure you – though literary genius I am not).

This cutting edge course has been taken by a handful of us in the UK, and opens up a whole range of possibilities when it comes to stain removal and colour repair issues, let alone general carpet and rug dyeing.  It’s a real game changer for problem solving and saving carpets and rugs that would otherwise need replacing.

Re-dyeing and colour repair has been about in various forms for years in the carpet restoration industry, but never really used with such ease and spectacular results. Bleach spills and stains can be corrected to a much high standard, that wasn’t easily achievable before (if at all). With the ‘colorcue’ app available to those that have taken the training, and the versatile liquid dyes that Chris has designed, we can now repair colour issues methodically and easily by adding one colour at a time through the colour spectrum. We use this amazing system to add colour in a variety of media from syringe, brush and air brush through to a full spray application, using our new Dyebold machine.  As well as spots and stains we can also offer full room dye projects and even be more creative than that.

If you have a colour issue please let us know. Even if you are a long way from us, here in Dorset, we are in touch with the few other experts throughout the UK that can help.

Pink to blue…