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Specialist Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

About Us

Rug Cleaner is an independent family run business based in Dorset

We have been cleaning carpets and rugs for the last 10 years. We are based in Dorset, and are not part of any franchise.
We clean rugs for private, trade customers and antique dealers. We regularly repair problems caused by incorrect cleaning methods.

It goes without saying that we are fully insured and qualified Master Rug Cleaners, accredited by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA).

We have invested in specialist equipment offering our customers the very best that the industry has to offer in terms of safe, effective and problem-free cleaning. We have studied and worked on all aspects of rug making, cleaning and repair in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

We are here to help and offer advice – so if you have a rug that needs cleaning, or a problem that needs solving, please get in touch. We are here to help and have the skills to do so!

Rug Cleaner FAQ

If you spill something on your carpet or rug, or have had an accident and are worried about it staining, call us straight away. We can advise you what you can do on the phone, to minimise any damage, as some stains / spills are better treated straight away – or at least not treated with the wrong products.

If you are thinking of using an off-the-shelf product, please be aware that if it contains any ‘oxi’ action or oxygen based compounds this can bleach out colour. Always test a small area first to be sure the dyes are stable. Rinse and blot dry (never rub) to make sure you don’t leave any residue of cleaning agent in the rug.

We will inspect and measure your rug, discuss anything that needs attention with you and provide a quotation for cleaning and if required repairing your rug.

We offer a collection and delivery service, or you are welcome to bring your rugs to us if that is more convenient.

We have cleaned rugs, kilims and tapestries from all over the world. We offer free collection within a 30 mile radius. Outside that area we can arrange a courier to pick up and drop off your rug at a time that suits you.

We work on a two week turnaround basis from collection to return in different areas across Dorset and beyond. Sometimes things can be quicker or longer than this depending on the logistics involved.

Spills, stains, flood, smoke, holes and tears can often be covered by a household contents insurance policy. We are happy to give written estimates and reports for insurance companies where required.

We are happy to store rugs we have cleaned and worked on until they are wanted for collection or delivery. We can discuss this on an individual basis.

Rugs need cleaning regularly as they collect dust, pollen and dirt from their surroundings as well as being subjected to spills and muddy boots.  The industry guidelines suggest rugs should be cleaned thoroughly every three years. Sand and grit causes damage to fibres, so regular cleaning will benefit your rug.  Vacuuming your rug regularly doesn’t remove as much as dust as you think. To find out how much hidden dust is in your rug, simply fold a corner over and gently massage the pile in the palm of your hand, and you will be able to see how much dust and grit comes out.

Dusting the rug is arguably just as important as the washing process itself. Its the dust and grit particles that abrade the rug fibres, weakening and ultimately wearing the rug down.  In our dusting room our main automatic dusting machine will remove dust and grit safely and efficiently prior to washing.

Rugs have been woven for thousands of years and ever since the first rug was woven they have been washed. Traditionally rugs were simply left in the river with a heavy stone on them until they were clean. Thankfully things have moved on a bit now and we offer a traditional cleaning service without the river, instead using gentle techniques and cutting-edge technology.  When we receive a rug, we always evaluate which methods of dusting and washing are suitable on an individual basis – whether they are Persian, oriental, modern, gabbeh, kilim or something else.  The type and age of material, and the durability and fastness of dyes, are all considered.  Most types of rug can be washed in our rug pit and cleaned using a soft Tampico brush by hand.  After washing rugs are fully rinsed and dried in our rug drying centrifugal system – one of only a handful in the country.

Rug shrinkage in most rugs is negligible. When we inspect the rug we will know if shrinkage or distortion will be an issue and clean accordingly.

It is common for rugs to have unstable dyes, so we carefully test your rug and use treatments to stabilise the dyes during the cleaning process. If there is risk of unavoidable bleeding we will discuss this with you prior to cleaning, and can correct dye bleed if it occurs.

The wool used in some Chinese Superwash rugs will have been chemically treated with oxidisers prior to dyeing and it is possible that discoloured spots will appear during cleaning that weren’t visible during the inspection. This is not due to the cleaning solutions but often due to the masking / painting of the areas prior to sale. Remediation work is possible.  We are happy to clean these, and do so all the time, but we cannot take responsibility for any discolourations that appear.

Stain removal results vary based on many factors but most stains can be removed easily enough. Stains that don’t respond will need in depth treatment and may even need remedial colour work to improve them. We routinely remove wine, urine, coffee, tea, oil, ink, paint and more.

We always clean items prior to any repair work. Sometimes a temporary gauze is sewn over any weak areas that is then removed. The main reason we clean the rug beforehand is that the extent of damage in a rug sometimes only becomes apparent once cleaned. 

Moth damage for example can look a whole lot worse after cleaning as weakened areas become apparent that are impossible to see prior during inspection.

We always clean items prior to any repair work. Sometimes a temporary gauze is sewn over any weak areas that is then removed. The main reason we clean the rug beforehand is that the extent of damage in a rug sometimes only becomes apparent once cleaned. 

Moth damage for example can look a whole lot worse after cleaning as weakened areas become apparent that are impossible to see prior during inspection.

We offer dye bleed correction as one of our specialist services. We often have rugs come in that have been flooded or cleaned by someone else where dyes have bled. We will inspect and test these to provide advice and an estimate for corrective work. In most cases we can fully restore a rug to its former beauty.

Any urine stains are pre-treated to help dissolve the salts as much as possible, and the enzymes neutralise and eat the odours. Our washing process completely eliminates urine salts from the carpet, leaving no smell of any kind.  We do not use perfumes to cover odours – we just don’t need to.

It depends on the item. Certainly a loom woven textile can usually be fixed we would need to evaluate the item and see what can be done. This is a whole subject in itself in need of an essay to cover the possibilities so we won’t go into details here but are happy to discuss it of course.

Fringes can be re-woven, replaced, removed or conserved, we offer different solutions to suit all rugs and budgets.

We have various options to offer when it comes to holes. We can either sew the hole to conserve the pile, add a patch to stabilise the rug and fill the hole, or completely re-weave the area building a new foundation and adding pile to create an almost perfect repair.

Worn areas of rugs can be improved visually or replied. Often re-piling large areas of rugs isn’t cost effective, so we add colour to the foundation of a carpet to give it a new lease of life.

All carpets, rugs and soft furnishings fade over time. It is estimated that around 3% colour is lost every year and items placed in sunny rooms will lose more than this. We have state of the art technology to select the right dyes to replace lost colour in rugs and also fitted wool and nylon carpets.

Rugs with moth, or carpet beetle, are treated upon arrival at the studio. Everything is removed from the rug prior to washing. Once the rug work is completed a moth treatment is applied that will last up to 9 months. If you have moths in your home it is important to eradicate them at the same time. We can advise on that and undertake this work if required.

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